Freddie Franklin 2

A couple of years ago when I was taking care of another of EQ’s past venture’s, I became aware of the very promising aspiring pop persona of Freddie Franklin through a rather splendid designed for buzz purposeful introduction entitled the “Foreigner EP”.

Back then Freddie was simultaneously working his way through studying at university, but it was apparent to me then that Mr Franklin had all the appropriate giftings that with a little nurturing could evolve him into a future exciting pop proposition.

Well some time has past now and Freddie steps back, having scored a publishing deal in the interim, warming up through-out the year by collaborating with an electronic bass maker and house producer to ultimately debuting a second wind of his own original electro pop amazingness as of now, that’s simply spinning my head giddy with a buzz of renewed interest.

Gifted as a FREE DOWNLOADRobotic” is the pop nugget in question, it’s very bright, bouncy, instantly engaging, and all the appropriate things associated with a better than average pop offering and it also shows that Freddie is game-on for taking his electro pop to a wider audience.