Via Holy Moly today.  And about fucking time Robbie.  Stop being a lazy git and entertain us again.  I miss you.  You were the first celeb to ever smile and give me the eye in London whilst going to dinner in Notting Hill and for 9 years, I’ve been waiting for that to happen again…

“Robbie Williams is 100 percent guaranteed to be touring the UK late 2009. He
personally phoned or emailed each band member this week to get them to
block out their diaries for rehearsals/tour etc. Unsure of who will be
drumming though, as long standing dude Chris Sharrock is currently with
Oasis. This is all to tie in with his “comeback” album (although
‘Rudebox’ was officially v good) which EMI are utterly desperate to
release before the end of the year.”