Very nice.  Ricky Martin will be unveiling his first new album in six years called "Music + Soul + Sex" on February 1st, 2011 with a tour of the same name following shortly.  His duet with Joss Stone "The Best Thing About Me Is You" is an decent pop taster, but I'm hoping the new album will be the usual reciepe of sizzling hot bilingual anthems that we all know and love from Ricky Martin.

It seems since coming out, Ricky Martin and his team have got the balance right for what could have potentially been a PR disaster.  Nevertheless, it looks like Ricky Martin is poised to be even bigger than before though as he starts a new chapter in his life – and you can bet I'll be there for the whole ride!

In the end, it's all about good music isn't it.  Hopefully some of the newfound Ricky haters will be changing their tune when they hear the new material too.  I simply cannot wait to hear Ricky's Martin's "Music + Soul + Sex" album – bring on 2011!