Our friends over at the mighty musicOMH do a great job at reviewing new albums and I particularly liked their review of Tracey Thorn's upcoming new set of tracks "Love And It's Opposite" which I would encourage all of you to read.

Here's an excerpt:

Everything But The Girl may have been on indefinite hiatus for over a decade now, but she's kept herself busy raising her children, and collaborating with artists such as Massive Attack and The Unbending Trees.

An album in Thorn's own name is always a welcome event. Out Of The Woods, Thorn's 2007 album, saw her continue her flirtation with electronic/dance music. Employing as producer Ewan Pearson, the man behind names such as Delphic, Ladytron and M83, would suggest more of the same is in order this time round.

Make sure to check out the entire review over on musicOMH – one of the best music sites on the web and definitely one of my favorites.  You can also get a free download of "Oh The Divorces" by Tracey Thorn over at EQ Trax!