With Darren Hayes gearing up to put the finishing touches on his next "big pop" record in 2010, you can only imagine the amount of fandomonium that has been setting in with me and many of his faithful followers.

Last night, Darren got one of his friends to review the unmixed record via Twitter and this is what they had to say about it…

"It has the same emotion as 'The Tension and the Spark' but not with the darkness
of that record. More hopeful and colourful.  It's about the ups and downs of relationships. Hope. Sadness. Confusion. But not in a dark way.  Nothing like the past, big voice big melodies. Gorgeous pop songs. Instantly loved it."

Darren will most likely premiere some of the new songs at his next show in London which is planned for New Years Eve and of course, it's already sold out.

I am hoping there will be a London listening party in the works shortly thereafter – hint hint.