By Mandy Rogers

Having been with Florrie’s music from practically the beginning when the web went crazy for “Call 911” and “Panic Attack” from a little known Xenomania house band drummer. 

Florrie has steadily revealed over the past couple of years a growth in sound and stature that’s down to sheer hard work, determination and drive which has certainly been key to delivering the glowing extent of her gifted multi-talented musicianship and creativity.

From the early days, the Florrie independent brand has developed, matured and strengthened with every turn and as with such developmental milestones, picks up a new phase, Florrie is ready to ink a major record deal in the very short future.

So we come to the last spin on her independent releases, the “Late EP” which has just hit the Internet and digital outlets.

The four track offering, showcases throughout a sleek accomplished sound, opening with big song “Shot You Down”, although it’s no way what you’d term lyrically challenging, it’s selling point impacts more for a memorable chant to pick up audience engagement, and it does so brightly in Florrie’s tried and tested French disco tasty sound that has been a Florrie key signature mainstay right from the get go two years ago.

I’ve actually been quite a fan of Florrie moreover, when she’s seen to push the boundary with a bit more power behind her.  The “Late EP” power track falls to “I’m Gonna Get You Back”, Florrie, Avril rock-chic is back amongst the thunderously rapturous drum beats, cymbal crashes and electric guitar licks, further forging that although an accomplished disco candy princess on the outside, a little devilish power princess lurks inside.

Back to the familiar territory of the Florrie disco wall of sound on “Every Inch”, big and bouncy, it’s the party time Florrie doll swinging into action with big hair and hot pants, dancing with fists in the air stomper to get dance sweaty too.

The EP closes on a note of pop brilliance on “To The End”, elementally gelling in all of Florrie's abundant skills and shining exuberantly with an air confidence that befits an independent artist about to turn major.

Check out some short previews below or shoot off to Florrie.com to hear the complete “Late EP” stream

Late - EP - Florrie