So tonight I met up with DJ extraordinaire Terry Vietheer to discuss our new gay club night at East Bloc coming up on March 25th called Queen Sound System and we were discussing what sort of music we are going to play and what not and one track that I'm dying to spin again is this retro goodie by former Madonna backing dancers Jose & Luis called "Queen's English".

I used to play this track non-stop when it was big back in the day.  I love that half the track is actually Madonna singing and the other half is Jose & Luis being their wonderfully campy and fierce selves.  It's so nu-reto and fits in quite nicely with the likes of current Beth Ditto, Hercules & Love Affair and any other nu-retro 80s/90s-esque track that comes to mind.  

And if you're interested in coming to Queen Sound System on March 25th, make sure you check out the invite on Facebook for all the information and a free downloadable podcast!  

You'll be hearing a lot more about Queen Sound System for sure in the coming month…