Yuna (1)

Last year Yuna made an incredible full length international debut with help from the Pharrell produced single, Live Your Life. The self-titled album perfectly painted the Malaysia born singer as a notable pop artist. However, don’t take the soft toned singer as an overnight success. Her hard work as an independent artist on her home turf in Asia began while she was still a teenager writing songs in college dorm rooms and performing at acoustic clubs. With an elegant message of love and hope, plus the gentle voice of an angel it is no wonder that labels in New York started making phone calls.

Nocturnal (Verve Records), is Yuna‘s debut on a non independent record label. This time around she was able to pull in even more names to help shape her sound. The lead single Falling was produced by Robin Hannibal of the duo Quadron who gained critical acclaim from bloggers and journalists across the globe for their album Avalanche. The album also features guest producers Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, Michael Einziger of Incubus and Chris Braide who she collaborated with on the track, Lullabies from her previous album.

True to her musical style, Yuna has not changed since signing with a new label. Nocturnal is a fun pop record from beginning to end mixing elements of R&B soul over soft pop instrumentals creating a solid follow up to her previous release. Get familiar with Yuna in her latest music video for Rescue.