Blue Angel

By Mandy Rogers / Photo: Jeremy Williams

How incredibly interesting is this new track by Blue Angel!

The answer that should be on the tip of your tongue is VERY!

Back after a 3year hiatus, the London duo of Jason Newton and Bella Bennett, bring to the table “One More Down To Go” a rapturously driven combination of euphoric optimism, polished  largely with Bella’s ambiently ethereal vocal styling whilst Jason lavishly surrounds with a soundscape of juicy wobbles, and dance bounce.

This is really quite hypnotic and mesmerising, in the way that once you’ve listened to it, you’re drawn in intrinsically into a hedonistic state of chilled-out karma, without probably knowing so, as it’s so grabbing of your mind, soul and intrigue!

I myself could quite get lost in this sensational sound combination in this current state, for sometime if I’m honest!

However, Blue Angel are calling out to all you remixing types to have a play around with this amazingly different track and take it somewhere of your choosing by remixing it!  Those up for the challenge, you can pick up the stems (here) & make sure to drop it back in Blue Angel’s dropbox before the deadline ends on 8th June!