Danny Rossing 2

We remember that we were mightily impressed with Swedish pop newcomer Danny Rossing when he came to our attention last year impacting with the pop rock rousing debut single “Terrified”, it had us quoting things like “If “Terrified” had of been given to an American boy band I’m pretty sure it would be eaten up with radio plays and MTV screenings”. That was no way over ingratiating in comment it was pure truth of thought.

Back for a second round on the pop circuit Danny changes up in sound pattern to that of a catchy mainstream suited melody which is trimmed off with a fringing of latin hot rhythm for the sophomore single “Remember”.

Still in evidence is the resplendently imposing middle 8 section which just grows in might and shiny pop worth with every single play, shaping that we figure Danny Rossing is no one trick pony, he is behind every beat of it, on every beat of it and riding high on the euro dance beat it like a whizzing tornado of pop momentum that just draws in every hook, style of sound and riff that comes within his path.

The latin riffs on “Remember” are superly sultry red-hot and probably notably more Enrique than Enrique x Flo Rida is right of now!