We had loads of fun organizing and partying at the Poptronik Festival last summer in Spain.

Might we present to you a brand new Poptronik Festival video which highlights the beach celebration in all it’s glory featuring Andy Bell of Erasure, Fernando Garibay, Monarchy, Cazwell, Garcon Garcon, Adam Tyler, Electrovamp, SIRPAUL, Glorious Inc,, Woman E, Markus Riva, YALL, Sammy Jo Scissor Sisters Tour DJ, DJ Phil Marriott and EQ Music artists Parralox.

We are currently looking at new event organizers to help us move forward the Poptronik brand into new live markets and hopefully we can keep the energy and magic alive that we created with our inaugural festival in Spain.

Look out for “This Beat Is Poptronik – Volume Two” which will be coming out worldwide this summer as well which features the song you hear in the video by Marc Lime & K Bastian featuring Little Neve White.