What the hell is that?! 

We’ll it’s Ultra Nate’s CD cover for her new remix album "Alchemy : G.S.T. Reloaded" that’s what it is!  Once you take your gaze off of the CD cover (and believe me, I was transfixed for about 3 minutes today), you’ll be pleased to know that Ultra Nate has remixed all her songs from her fucking killer "Grime, Silk & Thunder" album which boasted some really hot electro hits like "Love’s The Only Drug" and "Automatic".  With remixes by Morgan Page, StoneBridge and Bimbo Jones on the track-listing, you can bet you’ll be dying to get these tunes playing tonight on the iPod.  But wait, it doesn’t stop there.  This stellar well-packaged bundle of dynamite also features a DJ Ultra Nate CD called "The Sugar Sessions" where we get to hear the commercial debut of Ultra Nate as a DJ.  Who know girlfriend went to DJ school?!!!  Let’s just hope the spunky madame does a video with above said outfit for her next foray into singletown.  Kylie couldn’t even fucking get away with that…


And here we have some other fucking awesomeness aka Red Blooded Women who did a nice little show at London’s Water Rats last night in Kings Cross (despite my crappy snap).  I might have you note that they were incredible.  The next big girl band if you ask me.  I really really tried hard to get them on the bill at Electroqueer@Barcode, but the blonde one had to go on holiday so they couldn’t do the gig, but they have made me swore to let them know when the next one is on which I am chuffed about.  I am going to be interviewing these lovely ladies as they are on my hot tip.  The best way to describe them you ask?  Imagine if Belinda Carlise, Tiffany and Debbie Harry all got together and made some really good synthesizer tracks while channeling the energy and girl power of IMHO, the best girl-band in the world – Bananarama.  More on The Red Blooded Women to come, but rest assured, they are EQ Approved!