A Thousand Fires 3

Our initial introduction to A Thousand Fires, an additional venture project of Coury Palermo and Philip Zach took place only recently when they spun our way in advance “Rumor”, an eclectically and emotively strewn serenade. Now we share news that Coury and Philip are safely delivered of their debut EP together.

Rebel” The first instalment of the “RebelLoverLiar” trilogy of EP’s has impacted digital outlets already and not surprisingly making instant headway to the top of the US Itunes EP’s and Singles List!

Comprising of the tracks “Can’t Survive”, “All I Need” and “When You Wake”, the “Rebel EP” offers an instilling listening experience of intricate layering, combined with delicately honest harmonies and poignantly pure orchestrally carried melodies.

Each shining in their beautifully exquisite immaculate presence, almost like sacred gifts riding on pure white fluffy clouds of blissful melancholy from the pop Gods.

The “Rebel EP” stands out in a category of it’s own impeccably spellbinding making betwix Coury’s soothingly emotive vocal harmonies and the exemplary standard of both the duo’s song compositions and production.