Molly Beanland 1

Burgeoning new artist Molly Beanland introduced us to her 80’s inspired electronic collision of eclectically illuminated dramatic pop alchemy through the synth bobbing cinematic fantastical debut of “Night Dreams”. It pushed us to comment that it was showing “the haunting pop brilliance of Imogen Heap pushed through a Kate Bush Kaleidoscope of eclectic breeding that has landed feet down in the 80’s with a New Order styled garnish” which was very much order of the day on that track.

In returning with a second helping from the forthcoming “Night Dreams” debut EP, and still beating with a child of the 80’s pop heart, Molly imparts new single “Real Life”.

For those of you that can remember how Blancmange re-worked ABBA’sThe Day Before You Came” to haunting synth affect, then you’ll pick up on this evocatively comparative state right from the synth kickin’ start on “Real Life” and it goes onto continue to ripple it’s way simmering under the synth dreamy and diaphanous vocal overlay that propels at a mid-tempo pace throughout the track.

I think the normal thing would be to hear this kind of music via a band set-up, so in this respect for Molly Beanland to be out there as solo artist and giving us this level of theatre performance is to be commended. Afterall, it is electronically and vocally quite devastatingly spectacular.