So with the pleathora of new albums out recently, there is one album that I am diggin quite a bit and that is "Physical" by The Model.  The band offered up a free download of lead single "What Does It Look Like I’m Doing" awhile ago, but the album in it’s entirety is a dirty electro dream and if you’re a fanatic for Depeche Mode, Fischerspooner, INXS, Nine Inch Nails or even U2, you’ll probably find yourself attracted to The Model’s unique electronic vision. 

Perhaps my fave tracks on the album are "Wrong Number" and "Do You Believe In Angels" where lead singer Markie’s vocals are reminiscent of legendary David Bowie set against a sparkly bed of electronica.  Some are saying it’s the "electronica album of the year" and I just might lend my support to that claim – as the album is soothing, intense, uplifting and chilled-out all at once.  "Physical" is available for mass consumption on November 18th, and you’d be daft not to go out and get it once it drops – it’s a brilliant piece of work, not overtly-complicated at all, yet totally inspired and synthy.  Proof postive that America can still churn out an original synth now and again.