Went and saw ‘Fantastic Four : Rise Of the Silver Surfer’ last night and it was ok. Terrible acting, kinda like the first F4 movie, but being that we are comic book geekazoids, it was acceptable – mostly for the great special effects. Stopped by Sketch last night for a special aftershow party, but couldn’t stay too long cuz EQ wasn’t feeling too well at this point, so we were home by 1am. An early Friday night for us 😉 So it’s Saturday morning now and we are a little perturbed there is no milk for our morning cup of coffee, but instead of getting our asses up and marching down to the store for some dairy satisfaction, we are sat here, alone with Randy, giving you another dose of Random Rants. Bitchy alert – remember…no milk for the coffee…

  • So word on the street is Alanis Morrisette is on hiatus at the moment. Good for her. She deserves a break. Let’s hope she comes back with a something a little more interesting than ‘My Humps’. We just didn’t see the humor in that at all. Oooh bitchy. We however, love Alanis – don’t mistake that.
  • Right now, at this very moment, we are listening to Zenen’s new album ‘An End To This Line’. Who are Zenen? They describe themselves as Alternative/Electronica/Rock and they are quite good. Jesus from Zenen is also just too delicious…we met them last weekend in the midst of Electroqueerpalooza madness. Go and buy there album now, ok.
  • Unklejam – love these guys more and more with every listen of ‘What Am I Fighting For?’ We’ll have to hit em up for a chat sometime.
  • JC Chasez – we totally agree with the Hot Stuff Files on this one. ‘All Day Long I Dream About Sex’ was such a flawless piece of electronica that no one listened too. Sad.
  • Our concert calendar is looking a little bleak now…What the hell? Someone please recommend some good shows for us to check out soon please.
  • Ge,Ge,Ge,Get on in the club if you wanna get some – If you are free tonight, go see Madison perform his new single ‘Club’ at the Soho Revue Bar tonight. Ooohh – there is a new Popshow as well featuring Madison on July 17th…we are like so there.
  • This – just happens to be one of our favourite places to discover new electro music. Bookmark it EQs.
  • Despite what all the other blogs are saying – we don’t think Kelly Clarkson’s new album ‘My December’ is really that bad. Sure it’s not as good as her last effort, but calling it the ‘worst album of all time’ is quite a putdown. We’d much rather listen to a so-so Kelly Clarkson record than let’s say…anything by Amy Winehouse.
  • And finally we leave you with a little live performance from LA Pride of Tiffany’s new dance single coming out soon called ‘Higher’. We can’t wait to hear the Josh Harris remix treatment it’s going to be getting. And anything that our Tiff releases, it oh-so-mighty-fine by us.