Too many juicy tid-bits have been building up so it’s time for another rant fest on this lovely Thursday in London.  Sit back and grab a frosty carbonated beverage as we get it on.

  1. Beyonce and Shakira are number one?  Somehow we failed to notice or even care.
  2. SPOTTED this week in London:  Avid Merion of Bo Selecta fame, Tobey Maguire, The Sugababes, Simon Webbe, Graham Norton and Topher Grace at the Spiderman 3 premiere and some dude from The Ones.
  3. Tiffany’s new album ‘Just Me’ is of the adult contemporary feel this time around as opposed to her previous dance diva and rock chick attempts.  If you want to preview the whole thing you can do so here… Sigh.  This is one of the rare moments we geek out in the pop musical sense and say ‘she has a lovely voice’.  Sigh.
  4. Stephan D. Leuenberger wants to say thank you to all you EQs for the incredible support you’ve been showing him.  His token of gratitude?  Go Download this weeks EQ Number One now!
  5. Whatever happened to US soul divas Michel’le and Tracie Spencer?  We want to know.
  6. We still haven’t bought the Mika album yet.  Jason Downs has confirmed he is working on a third album!  Yay!
  7. Amy Winehouse hasn’t been photographed drunk yet in any of the papers this week.  Shock!  Horror! And poor Lady Sovereign and Lily Allen are suffering from exhaustion.  Hmmm.
  8. Darren Hayes can sing anything – even a freakin car manual in the style of Madonna and Prince.
  9. Simon Curtis is the ‘Pop Messiah’.  We heard a preview of this smokin new electro pop diddy from Simon and all we can say is that it is AMAZING!  You can almost feel the plastic and smell the CD insert for ‘Alter Boy’ can’t you?!
  10. And finally we leave you with a little musical treat.  Stream the entire new album from Client entitled ‘Heartland’ which drops in the UK on April 30th.  Make sure you buy you’re copy!