Happy Thursday EQs.  It’s been so busy in EQ land lately that I haven’t even had enough time to sit down and do me laundry.  Yes, it’s that busy.  I’m quickly running out of socks and I’ve never ever seen the laundry bag look so scary in my life.  I’ve been wearing clothes that haven’t come out of me closet for years which has been 50% cool and 50% what the fuck am I thinking?!  LOL.  Anyways, just wanted to rant for you today on a few things poking away at me, so here goes…

  1. XOLondon has done a FABULOUS interview with top uberwoman, Antigone.  What I love about XO’s interview is that he really delved into Antigone’s upbringing and it’s kinda cool to know a little background about how she developed into the mighty songstress she is today.  You can have a read of this fab interview here.  Thanks XO!
  2. Like I said before, I wasn’t excited about the Kylie X album and I’ve tried to listen to it a few times, but only a few songs really stand out to me.  ‘Like A Drug’ is fucking incredible.  It’s so dark and thumpin.  I LOVE IT.  ‘The One’ is pretty good too.  The rest of the tracks are ok, but it just goes to prove to me that I like singles more than I do full albums.  Maybe it’s an attention-span or lack of type of thing.  ‘Speakerphone’ is good too but it doesn’t really sound like Kylie now does it?  If I heard that song out and about I would have had no idea it was Miz Minogue.
  3. She Said Yes continue to marvel me with their EP.  I highly encourage you all to go have a listen and a download.  It’s electrotastic!
  4. And Marsheaux – Have been listening to them now for a few weeks now and their albums are really good too.  It’s nice to see some more women go electric.  I think I might just like these ladies more than Client who I haven’t seem to write much on at all this year like I thought I would…uninspired sigh.
  5. I saw Sia live in concert on Tuesday night.  That woman is so out of control and she totally surpassed my expectations with her lively live show.  Expect a full review coming up.  I have never laughed so hard at a show in my life – and I say that in a good way.  You’ll see…
  6. ‘B-Boy Baby’ by Mutya.  Ridiculously silly, but it’s kinda cute and catchy. 
  7. Arjan debuted the new video to Private’s ‘Crucify My Heart’ which is kinda cool.  It totally wasn’t what I was expecting, but the song itself really gets me humming.  It’s one of those songs you can’t get outta your head – check it out over on EQ TV now.
  8. All this Spice Girls coverage makes me wanna see one of their like one-hundred shows at the O2.  I think they look great and it would make a good fun and camp night out wouldn’t it.  Ugh.  Shall I buy tix or not?  However my loins might burn a little too hotly in see Boyzone’s reunion next year.  I hold a special "little place" in me heart for lil Stephen Gately.  One time I almost fainted when he sat behind me at a performance of Wicked.  I wanted to stalk him but I didn’t.  LOL.
  9. I actually begrudgingly saw ‘The Lion King’ musical last night too.  It was pretty good.  Despite how fucking corny I think the story is – the costumes and technical magic of the show really blew me away.  Such a fag I am.
  10. And finally, let’s Electroqueer Retro Rewind and take a look at the classic ‘Lips Like Sugar’ by one the one and the only Echo And The Bunnymen.  I have no idea why I started singing this song the other day…totally random.