Sunday morning again in London.  It’s a little wet and soggy outside and the only thing we can think of doing today is writing some random rants for you.

  1. So anyone hear the new Calvin Harris cd yet?  Is ‘I Created Disco’ the electro album of the year?  Or is it just another album with a few good songs on it?  Discuss.  We’ll probably pick up the album next week and give it the good ol EQ whirl.
  2. Geri has been addicted to ‘Marvel Ultimate Alliance’ on the Playstation.  I can’t seem to tear him away from the video game console at all today.  Give me Space Invaders and Super Mario Brothers anyday I say.
  3. Darren Hayes has been wowing the crowds in the states and it’s such a treat to hear this after what happened with the last album.  Our friend Michael LaRocco was in the crowd at the San Francisco show and he said he was just amazing.  It just goes to show you that you can achieve anything you want when you set your mind to it.  Us brits are excited for the homecoming of our Darren next weekend when he headlines London Pride and plays the last of his Club Delicacy shows. 
  4. ‘Pop It Drop It’ by Naked Highway remains the Number One song on EQ for a third week running.  You can hear it over on EQ’s MySpace profile and if you really like the song, be one of the first three peeps to send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you a hot Naked Highway promo cd that’s a must-have for any EQ reader.
  5. The biggest mover this week on the EQ Electro Chart is ‘Love Me Long Time’ by The Electric Dolls.  If you haven’t heard this song yet, take a listen to it over on their MySpace page as well!
  6. Nelson Clemente has put together a ‘rather fucking cool’ electro remix to his EQ Number One single ‘You Me Us We’ that we hear will be on his upcoming CD!
  7. Wanna have a little chuckle?  Check out the comedy group Glitterbanditz who supported George Michael at the new Wembley Stadium.  It’s true!  And check out those hot glitter body suits peeps!
  8. The Ones have been working with the Scissor Sisters lately and we have to say this is exciting news as their classic track ‘Flawless’ still remains one of our favourite dance songs of all time.
  9. We’ve been listening to Antigone’s promo cd in all it’s glory this past week and you know what…  It is ‘absolutley flawless’ as well.  It’s really different than anything you might expect or are listening to these days.  It’s got a strong left-field disco vibe that is very catchy.  Our favourite tracks?  ‘Uberwoman’ and ‘Promiscuity’.  More to come…
  10. And finally, The Zapping has been resurrecting some good commentary on Tommy Page lately which is precious reading as he is one of our favourite artists of all time!  If you don’t know who Tommy Page is (for all you under 21s), well take a listen to what is and will always be, our favourite song ever recorded.