Oh EQs…it’s already Sunday bloody Sunday. I hate Sundays and that ever-looming fact that you have to go to work again on Monday morning. I was supposed to have a lovely day out and about with Keeleylicious but she cancelled because she has a lesbian hangover again. If you don’t know what that means, then you are…well, it’s best you not know. hehehe. So I’m torn. Should I head off to Dyke-EA today to do some shopping for the loft? Or should I just be a bit of a lazy sod and have a nice day at home chuck full of little naps and fits of cleaning frenzy? Sigh. Either way, I know I’ll end up seeing ’30 Days Of Night’ with Gerilicious tonite and getting scared out of my britches. Eeek. On with the rants…

  • Ok the weirdest thing just happened…was told that the Unklejam album was being pushed back until February, but I just downloaded it from iTunes!?! WTF. To prove that I’m not going crazy, it’s still not listed on any music retailers sites nor on their MySpace. How very twilight zone eh? Am listening to it right now, but I think I know why Virgin is delaying the release now…it doesn’t sound finished. It’s good, but something is a little off about it…
  • Crikey. I like Britney Spears new album. It’s ok and VERY ELECTRO. How very twilight zoneish again. They say that an artist’s best work stems from their worst times in life and this could very well be true in this case with Britters. I quite like ‘Piece Of Me’ and ‘Freakshow’.
  • I can’t get that Viktor song outta my head. It’s brilliant. See below.
  • Matthew Fucking Duffy.
  • So after y’all went out and voted for Naked Highway to enter the Logo video charts – they did it. With almost 4000 votes their electro stomper ‘Better Off Naked’ entered in at number 9! Not bad at all.
  • I might be taking a small posse to the Darren Hayes single release party for ‘Me, Myself and I’ at the Soho Revue Bar in a few weeks. Anyone else up for it?
  • Popjustice is right. The Stuart Price remix of ‘D.A.N.C.E’ by Justice is HOT. You can grab it over on iTunes now.
  • Isn’t it funny seeing Ladytron’s single in the shops for ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’. It seems like over two years ago when I first downloaded it. Oh well, a good song always deserves another go in my book.
  • And finally, I have fallen in love with Bubbles and Cheescake. How could you not? I leave you with their zany video to ‘It’s A Woman Thang’. I wanna interview these ladies! Time to call it in!