Here are some musical musings that have been lurking around inside our Electroqueer mind this week in Thailand.  Once again, sorry for no MySpace Discovery Wednesday post…still can’t get a decent enough wireless connection to stream music.

  1. Electroqueer went CD shopping in Bangkok this week.  Total for the new CDs from Mary J Blige, U2, Take That, James Morrison an old Roxette Greatest Hits CD = 1167 Thai Bhat (16.67 British Pounds).  Total for buying these same new CDs in London = 65.00 British Pounds.  Don’t even get us started about the savings in new DVDs.
  2. We love Take That…but we worship Mark Owen.  All of you need to download his CDs ‘How The Mighty Fall’ and ‘In Your Own Time’.  Two very underrated CD’s by a brilliant and talented singer/songwriter.
  3. We got an email from Simon Curtis today – what a nice guy.  He was happy to be given ‘Musical Messiah’ status from us.  Awwww bless…and completely well-deserved.  We will let you know as soon as his brilliant album ‘Alter Boy’ is available for purchase.
  4. We wonder if the old techno song ‘James Brown Is Dead’ by L.A. Style will receive a reissue from it’s 1991 release.  Things that make you go hmmmm.
  5. We hate secret songs that are put onto the end of the last song in an album…it really fucks up our playlists with that damn annoying gap in-between.  Note to all Electroqueer favoured artists…please don’t do this…ie: Robbie Williams.
  6. Tiffany has just been signed to new online record label – Ten Spot Records.  Her next album is going to be more ‘Color Of Silence’ sounding again rather than another ‘Dust Off And Dance’ album (which was pretty good).  This is fine by us – ‘The Color Of Silence’ was one of the most brilliant records from 2000 that no one listened to.  Both are available to buy from her website via CDBaby.
  7. MySpace freind David Swinburn is looking for new boys for his boyband.  If you’re hot, British and can dance and sing – then get in touch with him right away!  Visit his MySpace for all the deets.
  8. We kinda like Whitney Houston and hope her comeback doesn’t go all tits up.  Good on ya Whitney for dumping that piece of shite Bobby Brown and getting your act back together.
  9. We think it would be cool if Paula Abdul made a comeback cuz we just can’t get into Janet Jackson with her wardrobe and music malfunctions lately. 
  10. We love The Bodyrockers and hope they don’t turn out to be one-hit wonders.  We love how ZZ Top is heavily sampled in some of their songs.  Check out their Myspace.

And finally we leave you with X-Factor winner Leona Lewis and Take That’s performance on the X-Factor final. One of the most brilliant moments in pop we have seen in awhile…and we don’t even watch these shows anymore.