…And that EQs is the cover of Lady Gaga’s new album "The Fame" which hits the shelves this fall.  I can’t help but ponder that her debut album conjurs up images of Madonna’s debut album…just a thought.  Her single "Just Dance" is really starting to pick up some buzz here in the UK and we are more than ready to witness her "retro-sexual journey to super-stardom" with hands a-clapping and bodies a-shakin.  On with the random rants…

  • So last night I did something very un-EQish.  I went to a rock show headlined by New York City Boys called Reckless Sons and as much as they aren’t within my genre of music, I really enjoyed the show.  Goes to show you that this electropop snob can enjoy some good ol’ fashioned rock and roll every so often as well.  It also helped that the show was at the swish Madame Jo Jo’s and that the lead singer of the band bears a striking resemblence to Paolo Nutini and the drummer looks like the lead singer from Stereophonics.  If you’re interested, they are gonna be big me thinks.  Signed to Universal, click here to rock out to Reckless Sons!
  • Darren Hayes seems to be sitty pretty with sales of The Time Machine Tour on DVD.  It’s HMV’s biggest seller this week!  That’s cool – seems to be getting more attention than the album and well deserved at that – if you haven’t seen the DVD yet, you really need to treat yourself and buy a copy.  In my opinion, the best tour of last year.  No question.


  • Our club night of fun electropop frolic Electroqueer@Barcode returns to London’s Soho on September 4th and we have confirmed that State City Disco, Technologic and Charli XCX will be performing!  Very excited and we still have a few more acts in the process of being booked, but mark your calendars for the next one EQs!
  • Antigone scored a #9 UK Club Smash with her new single "More Man Than Man" this week.  Congratulations Tiggy!  We are pretty sure this song will start to appear on dance compilations throughout the rest of the year as it’s shaping up to be one of the best tracks released in 2008.
  • And some more congratulations are in order for Basshunter.  Our favourite techno lad has knocked off Coldplay from the top spot in the UK album charts!  Amazing.  To be honest, I’ve only listened to the Coldplay album a few times and it hasn’t stuck with me yet.  But I have to confess that I’ve been getting ready in the morning to Basshunter’s album.  It’s like a kick in the ass at 7am when you roll out of bed – if ever you needed one!
  • And finally I leave you with this…So what’s the outcome when you are a former gay porn star and you want to move into the world of electropop music?  Well just ask Colton Ford whose new video to "Tug Of War" has dropped.  Can he outlast the stigma of his porn past?  Can others follow?  Bootylicious Dean Monroe is also releasing an electro song called "Venom" very soon as well…we’ll have to wait and see how that turns out.  But for now, take a look at Colton Ford’s new vid-e-o and make some assumptions for yourself…and don’t go googling his name you pervs! Behave!