Guess what EQs? It’s Random Rants Day! Just curious too, do you like the new layout of EQ? Please do let me know…

  • Have you heard Imogen Heap’s new recording of "Hide And Seek 2" ? It’s available on iTunes and it’s a MUST download. The re-worked track features a real vocal in place of the vocoded original (which is still legendary). The song is part of the "Songs For Tibet – The Art Of Peace" compilation album which also features Alanis Morissette and Garbage. Go check it out.
  • Darren Hayes is offering a free download of a beautiful piano ballad called "Tougher Than The Rest" from his MySpace page. This song is quickly becoming the lead contender for my own wedding that is coming up very soon (yikes).  Update: Brad of Muu Muse reports that it’s a cover of a Bruce Springsteen song.  Thanks Muu!
  • The Electric Dolls have been filming their video to "Baps R Bakin" in my hood otherwise known as Bow in London. Yes, I live in Bow. The spunky gals have been offering some behind the scenes photo footage of the video and here we see the dolls teaching some younger school girls how to properly bake them baps. It’s all about the temperature girls – you gotta turn up the heat to get those baps piping hot like Lynsey and her band of beauties do ever so easily here.


  • Electronically Yours has done a brilliant live review of Red Blooded Women’s gig at The Water Rats in London which you must read here. Those vivacious gals Liz, Candy and Carly really did rock the roof off of Water Rats and I am immensely enjoying their EP for "You Made Your Bed". Their track "4 2Nite" is also featured on the EP and I actually like it more than "You Made Your Bed", but that’s just me. Make sure you pick up their EP when it drops on August 24th and visit their MySpace page when you get a chance. It’s nice to know the ladies think EQ is "amazing" as well. Hugs gals and drinks all around next time I see ya!
  • Antigone is gracing the stage next Sunday at London’s Soho Pride. Must hurry up and get down there to catch her performance! The gays are gonna go crazy when they hear her Top 10 UK Club Hit – "More Man Than Man". Just had to get that in there! If you’re a Facebook fiend with le Tigs, you’ll be treated to some behind the scenes photos of the video shoot for "More Man Than Man". Cost of the video for you’re debut single – 200 quid. Seeing Shave looking thrilled while being dressed in a blue leotard – Priceless.
  • And finally I leave you with the new animated video for "I Can See You, Can You See Me" by Rex The Dog. What do you think?

Coming up tomorrow, my interview with the electromagnetic Boogaloo Stu!