EQ meeting Petros

Hello EQs – Geri and I got back from New York City last night and we are all jet-lagged thus that is why I am writing this at 6am London time, but I had a few things kicking around inside my noggin so if you can’t sleep, you might as well let rip the random rants right?…

  • On my last night in NYC I got to hang with Petros who is there for the summer doing some fun shizz at Epic Records.  Petros is a cool guy – way charming and totally fun to share a cocktail with.  We share the same opinion on the mess that is "Hard Candy" and I got some insight into what’s going on with his music and his future ambitions in the industry.  If you haven’t checked out the electro-pop stylings of Petros yet, make sure you do here – I’m twisting his arm to get back into the studio and record some new stuff as I wore out his debut album throughly already – which you can still buy on iTunes!
  • I finally got my hands on the complete 12 song remix package of Christian George’s "Strangers" which I will be blasting in the office no doubt tomorrow.  Thanks to Brad for hooking me up with all the latest and greatest CDs – I can’t unwrap the plastic fast enough!
  • Imogen Heap’s "Not Now But Soon" is finally available as a single download on iTunes whereas previously it was only available with the Heroes Soundtrack.  If it’s not on your local iTunes yet, it’s expected to drop July 29th worldwide as a digital download!  Immi’s also having a 50% off merchandise sale too to make room for all her new promo surrounding her untitled third album!  Click this link to check out what’s she got on offer.  I want the "Headlock" poster!
  • I sorta fell in love in with acoustic crooner Jay Brannan on my last day in NYC too – He has a new album called "Goddamned" out now and loads of info can be found on my MySpazz.  I also just read that one of my favourite blogs PopMuse mentioned Jay already and you can see what they wrote about him here.  With a response like "This CD Is Perfection" it kinda makes you wanna go out and buy it!  I know I will!
  • The Hotstuff Files is back!  Yay!  I hope it stays back as Samuel from HSF is one of my favourite bloggers as well.  Not only is this great pop blog back, but Samuel brings us the first Dragonette news in a LONG time.  They have done a cover of ZZTop’s "Sharp Dressed Man" which you can download over on the blog now.  HOT STUFF indeed and welcome back Samuel!
  • And speaking of comebacks, Jason Downs has a new song on his MySpace called "Love Me Alone" which I am dying to hear in HQ.  Jason is currently working on his third album and I couldn’t be any more excited.  Next time I’m in New York – I might have to kidnap him for an interview!
  • The Shapeshifters have a great new tune out called "Chime" which also has a very interesting documentary style music video as the backdrop which talks about the rise of acid house music in London…check it out below!  Techno and 90’s house is back people…as much as I think this style of music is a bit silly – it’s does bring me back – who’s got the mushrooms?  Peace, happiness and drug-induced love, those were the days…The remixes to "Chime" are out in August!