Happy Hump Day EQs!  Can I just say that I am totally loving all the new music that is out right now. In a time where most people are complaining that there is nothing good happening in music, I for one, feel like I can’t keep up with all the quality electro and pop that is being churned out right now. Last weekend, I added over 300 mp3s to my iTunes and still haven’t quite absorbed it all yet. It’s quite refreshing actually. Hopefully you’ll feel the same – it’s a good time for music getting out there I think, even if the majors are failing. So on with the rants and what I’ve been loving this week….

  • Totally loving the rock/pop/Killer-esqe stylings of those quite attractive boys from The White Tie Affair.  When I met up with Petros in NYC he reminded me about them and I have been jamming to their cheeky tracks "Candle (Sick And Tired)" and "Mr. Right" ever since.  I am going to have to pick up their album "Walk This Way" very soon as it’s out now in the US of A.  Hopefully the boys will be attacking the UK sometime soon!  Check them out on MySpace
  • DJ Adamis is totally in love with Kate Ryan and her new video to "’Ella Elle L’a".  Check out the video over on YouTube.  Cute, danceable track!
  • The B-52s are going to release "Juliet Of Spirits" here in the UK.  Yay – I love that track from the "Funplex" album.  Interesting to see if any remixes will see the light of day.  The CSS remix of "Funplex" was totally ace – BUT the Scissor Sisters remix of it was was rather "eh".  The B-52s are one band I’d still love to see live before I die…
  • And speaking of someone I need to see before I die – Tina Turner is doing some shows at the O2 Arena next March!  I seriously might have to whore myself out to afford tickets to one of her shows, but I WILL be there!  The legs – those legendary legs alone are worth the ticket price!  LOL.
  • Mephisto Odyssey’s new track "Bump" is pretty cool.  I like it.  The lead singer looks a little bit like Trent Reznor so that gets the thumbs up from me when it comes to asthetics.  You can download the "Hot Pink Delorean Remix" of "Bump" here, but I’d seriously recommend downloading the original and electro remixes when they are released on August 26th if you dig it – they are tre cool.
  • Louisa and Mango are a new electropop duo who has me interested and captivated.  Take a listen to their MySpace page track "In Your Arms" which is quite good.  I’ll be keeping an eye on how they develop…
  • OMG – Christian George is about to unveil his vid-e-o for "Strangers".  I’ve had a sneaky peeky and it features lots of naked flesh.  Too hot for TV, so you can bet I’ll be featuring it soon on EQ!
  • And speaking of naked flesh…what the hell happened to Adam Rickett?  I know he’s done some acting and such over the last few years, but when is he returning to pop?  That’s what I want to know!  I found this memorable clip of him performing at G-A-Y in 2000 and I remember being in the audience going on one of my holidays going "Wow – who’s that guy…he makes me want to move to London"…dearest Adam – isn’t it about time?