For long time readers of this blog, you might remember that I used to write a regular random rants feature on here. For new readers of this blog, you might be saying “Who is this Raj person? Mandy runs this sound town!”

Well, I haven’t gone anywhere. After promoting Mandy to Editor, I took a backseat on writing about new music to focus on my digital media career which led me to places like Google, British Vogue/GQ, MTV and now finally fulfilling a lifelong dream of working for WarnerMedia (WarnerBros, DC Comics, HBOMax, Cartoon Network, CNN, Cinemax). I still take care of all the technical side things, the business side of things and I’ve been integrating my love of film more on here with our Boys On Film reviews with Phil Marriott. I also organise our fabulous EQ Music Live nights in London and manage our artists Lostchild and Mickey Taylor.

However the mayor of this sound town, Mandy – has been doing a stellar job keeping the music editorial alive and well here on EQ Music and I honestly can’t pay her enough for all her contributions to my little baby that I birthed back in 2007 – keeping all of you (in the millions peeps) up-to-date on the latest and greatest in pop, electronic and indie music. Love you Mandygrams.

As we seem to be coming out of the pandemic (knock on wood), I’ve been doing a lot to craft my new era in all areas of my personal life – like love, community, home and hobbies. One of the things I wanted to do is bring back my random rants as it’s a great place to document all these thoughts about music and film that whiz around through my weird, cluttered pop-cultured mind.

So here goes. One. Two. Three – Let’s RANT.

Shameless Show Promotion. Can you tell we have a massive musical boner for Myylo? We are so excited he’s headlining our next EQ Music Live show on October 23rd. Come out and party with us. We twisted Lostchild, TIN, Mickey Taylor and Nic Billington to open for him. Could this show be any gayer?

The Korean Hunger Games? Are you fucking watching Squid Game on Netflix? I watched the first episode last night and I’m slightly traumatised and fascinated at the same time. Binge watch mutha-fuckin inevitable.

Sugamums now, but always Sugababes. The original lineup of the Sugababes are have released a 20th Anniversary edition of their iconic debut album “One Touch”. Anyone else feel like they need to move this comeback of new music on a little faster FFS? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Keisha, Mutya and Siobahn, but this promise of new music seems to be taking years and years. Let’s go babes! Actually never-mind, this clip of them for The Sunday Times makes me love them all over again.

London Film Festival starts this weekend. Oi. I have 46 films on my watchlist and there is no fucking way I’ll be able to see even half of the ones I want to see this year. Expect reviews of the films Phil, Sean and I manage to catch over on Phil Marriott’s Boys On Film channel. Check out our preview below. I was on holiday in Spain during the initial press screenings…

Well there you go. Random Rants are back.

That felt so cathartic. Let’s do it again.

Raj 🙂 @rajmopolitan