Swede Lykke Li is building a bit of a buzz in the UK at the moment and quite frankly I’m suprised I haven’t written about her before now.  Her latest single "I’m Good I’m Gone" is really quite special and it’s been on constant repeat on my pod for a few days now since downloading from iTunes. 

I thought I’d post on her today so that you can get as obsessed with her as I am at this very moment.  I can sort of feel the same obsession I had with Robyn building ever so slowly with Lykke Li – and if you were wondering how to say her name, it’s somethink like (Luke-e Lee).  How tre international.

Take a look at the vid-e-o to "I’m Good I’m Gone" (in high quality YouTubeness) below now and if you’d like to visit her Myspazz page, you can treat yourself (go on then) to a free download of said track, remixed by buzz band, Black Kids.  And if you really really want to sink you teeth into more Lykke Li (I know you do), visit her offical website where you’ll also find a free download to one her personal favorite’s "Tonight".

If I’ve peaked your obsession meter today, then you’ll be happy to know that her album "Youth Novels" is out on June 9th – I’ll be buying my copy – definitely.

I’m Good I’m Gone

Oh what the hell – here’s a little live performance of her unusual track "Dance Dance Dance" that she performed at Pure Groove records with an equally unsual set of instruments…the quirk must go on!

Dance Dance Dance – Live at Pure Groove Records