You know I'm not the biggest hip-hop fan, but this photo of Queen Latifah's new single "Cue The Rain" kinda has me all quivering with anticipation.  I have loved every incarnation of Queen Latifah from hip-pop-funkster, to jazz diva and even comedic actress.  Shoot – I thought she was rather brilliant in "The Last Holiday" – didn't you? 

Well it seems she's been watching all the new ladies over the years and has went and got herself a new look, a new attitude and a new sound.  Not that I've heard it yet, but "Cue The Rain" will premiere sometime today on her official website and you can bet I'll be checking it out every hour on the hour.

Queen Latifah will also be on the American Idol finale this week (alongside Cyndi Lauper – yay) and hopefully she'll be looking as fine as she does in the above photo…and maybe sounding equally as as hot.

I know – not what you usually come to expect from EQ – but hey…I'm feeling rather random today.