In true Halloween style, Dangerous Muse have unleashed some promo video footage for their new digital single ‘Every Day Is Halloween’ which will be released on 23 October.

You can stream (most of) the new single over on their newly re-designed Myspazz page which features a cute jack-o-lantern with the new Dangerous Muse logo on it as well as a HOT clip of the Josh Harris remix!  Very exciting.  Dangerous Muse are back EQs – time to sit up and pay attention or the boogeyman may come and get you…spooky!

Speaking of…Gerilicous and I went and saw Rob Zombie’s remake of ‘Halloween’ and it was some scary shizz.  Just as horrifying and spine-tingling as the original, but taken to the next level – be warned.  However more scary than ‘Halloween’ the movie, was this ridiculous trailer for a horror movie called ‘Black Sheep’ that is sersiously coming out…fucking hell – what will they waste their money on next?