Hello EQs.  We’ll I’m trying my best to do a little promo for the next Electroqueer@Barcode Halloween Club Night before I slip off on a Roman holiday with my beloved.  So here’s a little promo poster for you.

If you email [email protected], we’ll put you on our special reader guestlist too – 2 quid!  Yes, for two small sheckles you get to see EQ favourites Antigone, Jean, Luigi Masi, Candy Shop, As In RebekkaMaria, Boogaloo Stu and KJ do their electropop thang.  And did I forget to tell you – it’s all hosted by Gerry from Big Brother 8.  With DJ Adamix and DJ Miss Lynsey making her first appearance on the sexy decks, it’s bound to be a night to remember. 

I might even dress up for it…you never know.

While I’m on holiday, you will be treated to a very special EQ guest blogger who just happens to be named – Nelson Clemente.