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We have missed our trouble maker Natalia Kills. But who cares now, she is back with “PROBLEM” serving dark pop princess realness… And it ain’t on a platter.

“Problem” is the type of song I imagined Natalia’s comeback was going to be like. Predictible/risky? Maybe, for some audiences. However, I think Natalia nailed it. “Problem” is the song you want to have playing in the background when you walk onto the dancefloor when you see skanky girls dancing with boy you like, and you obviously want them dead. We also got the type of sassy that I just adore about Natalia Kills on the track…

i.e “Love. cars. love. shows. I love Beauty, Beauty” like in “Superficial”.“Shirt. Shoes. Jeans. All off. Skirt Boots rings. All off.” 

I am sorry, but that hook is PERFECTION. It freakin’ SLAYS, no wigs are safe.

I am very, very pleased with this single. Let’s just hope “Trouble” pleases us even more when it’s released, which will be very soon. Listen to “Problem” below and let us know what you think on the comments!

“Problem” will be available on iTunes in two, count em, two days.