Lipstick, designer clothes, sex, love, control, vanity and a huge PROBLEM is what Natalia is living for on her new video amply called “Problem”.

Slaying every wig in her way, Natalia Kills has just wrapped a very fun and sexy video for her long-waited single “Problem” from her upcoming era “Trouble”. Are you ready for the new era? You better be. Natalia is going to stick us again with her dark-pop side and take it to a whole new level – making it darker, perhaps?


The video screams vanity all over. There is nothing more vain than walking with a rude dog, while you are wearing a Versace coat and fuck-me pumps that make you look all hot and hooker.

And I am LIVING for this, girtz.

Have you got a bite of the new video? Get ready… this girl is a goddamn problem.