By Mandy Rogers  /  Photo: Francisco Martinez

Blossoming latin pop-throb Carlos Nóbrega and no doubt future charmer of EQ’s forthcoming Poptronik Festival stage is sure on a roll right now. It’s not quite a production line of SAW proportions, but he’s certainly pushing the music career forward and into the wider known.

As previous single releases “Pitiful” and “Turn It Up” have indicated, Carlos is on a good pathway to becoming a thoughtfully creative and all-rounded pop performer, which no doubt his acting career has certainly held him in good stead for.

Whilst, Carlos continues to work on his debut album, (to which I have been privy to hear some sexy little exciting samples of) and betwixt imminent release of a preluding third single release and a video for “Turn It Up” also now in the making, Carlos slips into the flow a collaboration with Portuguese house DJ Sky Santos.

The pairing have whipped up between them a tasty measure of euro pumping contemplative house, with Carlos behind the helm of the lyrical content, Sky solely taking the reigns with the production and mixing, with the pair joining forces upon the overall music.

The preface behind the track is of loss and in Carlos’s words “ looking for someone, knowing that they’re not there and are never going to be there, but going out of a sense of grief”

From the brief that might sound a touch melancholy, but I see it more as thoughtfully contemplative.  The overall lounge-house ambience given off, seals it as a well turned out chilled house production. Get into it with this minute snippet.

The full track will be available worldwide through digital outlets July 16th