You probably haven’t heard of Hydra Productions before and that’s ok.  Neither did I until about 9 months ago when a long time pal of mine Shawn Winstian got in contact to tell me he was releasing a dance CD with his songwriting partner Shane Condo.  Naturally I was curious.  Shawn is a talented songwriter and has worked with many of my favourite pop stars from yesteryear inclulding Tiffany, Tommy Page, Stacey Q, Expose and even one of my current favourite voices, Nic Kat.

Well the day has finally arrived and Hydra Productions have officially released their first CD called "Liquid" and the results are rather amazing.  You can listen to a sampling of their perfect pop dance tracks over on their MySpace page now or you can just press play below to hear the stunning "Dust Off And Dance" featuring Tiffany.  I won’t go on and on about this track, but you just imagine how much I love it.  I’m shrieking from excitement and I played it four times on the way to the office this morning – it’s that cool.

If you are interested in purchasing the CD, make sure you visit their official website and if you’re an artist interested in having Shawn and Shane write some incredible original songs for you – definitley get in touch with them – they are EQ approved.

Hydra Productions : Dust Off And Dance featuring Tiffany