Calling all little red foxes and funky monkeys to the dancefloor! LA based electro-glam duo, The Polyamorous Affair have cooked up a little corker called “Merry Go Round” which I just can’t stop listening to. You know when a track is just so infectious that it gets stuck on replay in your brain…well that is what has happened to me with “Merry Go Round” recently. I’m pretty sure it will happen to you as well!

The Polyamourous Affair describe their music as “laying heavy doses of decadent retro-European synth licks and sparkling glam melodies over thumping electronic grooves, whisping us away to a make-believe land of mythical characters, fast cars, dark discotheques, and lots of sexual tension.”

Well you don’t get much more descriptive than that do you?! I call it “pure electronic genius” and so should you. Press play to hear their first single “Merry Go Round” for yourself and if you’re a member of the Electroqueer Facebook Group, you’ll be treated to a free download of it for a limited time only.

Here’s an interesting retro tidbit too. The dude in the group is actually Eddie Chacon from 90’s pop-soul group Charles and Eddie. You must remember “Would I Lie to You”. Classic pop.

Merry Go Round

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