David Swinburn is definitley onto something with his new song "Wrong Shoes" – which has been given the Frankmusik remix treatment.  I’ve enjoyed seeing David’s name pop up from time to time in the pop music blogesphere and I always suspected that David was quietly planning something cool in the background.  And as a first effort in sending his track around to be remixed, I think the Frankmusik remix of "Wrong Shoes" is something quite special.  It’s quirky, off-beat, and has a Róisín Murphy-like quality that you wouldn’t quite expect from this young Liverpudlian.

Make sure to take a listen to the track below and visit David’s MySpace to get a taste for what David has to offer.  You can even download the track for free.  It will be very interesting to see how David’s music and image evolves after "Wrong Shoes".  I am definitely agreeing with Arjanwrites.com here, David could be onto something quite cool with a bit of determination and drive.  Stay tuned…

David Swinburn: Wrong Shoes [Frankmusik Remix]