This track is FRESH.  Take a listen to New York emcee Jamie Drastik who’s been generating some super sonic heat with his electro track "Now Or Later" on the radio.  If you like this track too, you’ll get a hearty kick out of his other tracks, especially "Big Ol Butt" over on his MySpace page.  With a shade of Beastie Boys and a pinch of Nelly Furtado "Maneater" thrown in for good measure, it’s no wonder that Jamie Drastik’s "Now Or Later" is causing quite a bit of a stir.  Jamie’s peeps say: "Listen to it twice…and you’ll catch yourself singing along"…

I couldn’t agree more!

Jamie Drastik: Now Or Later

For those of you cool kids who are members of the EQ Facebook Group, you can download this hot track for free from tomorrow!