Here’s a little something fun for your mundane Tuesday.  Meet Will W.

He’s a budding cute-as-a-button independent singer/songrwriter from Canada and has a penchant for rubbing shoulders with some of the hottest music celebs on the planet.  Aside from that, he’s tre a cool guy and he recently sent me his new album "Bodytalk" and it’s definitely worth a listen.  Full of pop treasures to uncover with a silky soulful voice, I found myself really being pulled into Will W’s world. 

Check out Will W.’s MySpace for a taster of his "Bodytalk" album which drops internationally on September 27th.  You’ll also find the most brilliant of brilliant mashup’s of "Into The Groove/Gimme More" as performed by Will himself!  Precious.  Below you can listen to his ode to Sex In The City muse "Carrie Bradshaw".  It’s an electo-soul diddy and I am totally loving it.  For those of you interested in downloading the song, you can do so as well for a limited time if you’re a member of the elite EQ Facebook Group.  Go show Will W. some love!

Will W : "Carrie Bradshaw"