Electronic discopop crooner Melnyk returns and gets a little political with his smashing track "Revolutions" which is the title track off of his new album of the same name.  I personally am looking forward to this album as his last critically acclaimed album "Silence" entertained me to no end. 

The "Revolutions" album will also feature guest vocals by Temposhark, Ebb and Sara Berg as well – even more reason to get your hands on it when it’s released on 22 September on the brilliant Gaymonkey records.

But for now, here’s a taster of the new single "Revolutions" in all it’s electropop gorgeousness.  You can of course download the track from tomorrow if you’re a member of the EQ Facebook group.  I might also add the "Thugfucker" remix of this track is to die for so make sure to look out for that one!

Revolutions : Melnyk