Readers, how do you fill your weekends? Returning to life and leisure time. We are beginning to experience more of the levels of freedom and choice we indulged in during pre-pandemic times. However, let’s not forget what we have learned along the way. London based singer-songwriter Sonia Stein recognised that connecting with nature brought calm and a special sense of wonderment during the last phase of lockdown. She began sharing Nature Appreciation Sunday posts with her fans. “Posting a photo of something beautiful that made me stop in my tracks. I encourage people to do the same, to look around in awe and with curiosity”. Sonia enthuses. I cannot help but agree. Spending time outdoors is most definitely a pleasant way to “Zoom Out” from the stresses of life.

She also struck upon the idea of going “on tour” without performing for venues full of people. Proposing to combine live performance and at the same time experience the organic splendour of being surrounded by nature. The Stein Away Sessions help to bring the outside in. While stripping back the songs, we get to hear them in their rawest most, poignant form.

Zoom Out” Sonia’s most current release leads the project from an idea to fruition.

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Taking the track back to its earthy roots in a field carpeted with sunshine yellow flowers. Sonia seated at a striking Daffodil coloured piano. There really couldn’t be anything more uplifting to watch/listen that restores feelings of hope and optimism about the future. Sonia’s in a field singing a song written about finding some perspective when feeling overwhelmed. Being in a wide-open space with the summer breeze swirling around elevates the sense of freedom. About the experience, Sonia describes it as “the most amazing thing is feeling the environment respond, the birds join in, and flowers perk up.”

Would you take notice of any of that if you were at an outdoor music festival, though? Sonia’s plan with the Stein Away Sessions works. Music and the natural environment seamlessly segue. Press play, feel the calm descend upon you. How beautiful it is to “Zoom Out”.

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