Manchester newcomer pop duo SAINTZ (Danny Stephenson and Destiny Owen) can’t wait to get going with releasing the tracks they’ve been working on and yet, had to hold onto because of the pandemic. They are determined to let everyone know that in 2021 Saintz means business and have heaps planned, but first comes the release of the debut single “You’ll Always Find a Way” out via Light Music (home to the EDM group LZ7 – previously featured on EQ Music Blog.) The duo aims to use their music as a universal language to communicate a message of hope and purpose to young people. Having said that, good pop will stand out no matter how old we are. We can all learn a thing or two by listening to others, pop songs included in that. Pop music is age limitless. You’ll find that out for yourselves when you press play on “You’ll Always Find a Way.”

The track is without a doubt, uplifting. Saintz inspirational message is carried by a buoyant melody. They remind me a lot of my favourite Welsh pop duo, Dusky Grey, being that outfits both share similar production styles and lyrical values.

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As a special treat for EQ Music Blog readers, we are happy to be giving you a first glimpse of the music video for the hot new duo Saintz debut release. A visual where we get to see Danny and Destiny of the band appreciating the simple things in life around them.

“We wanted to make the music video for “You’ll Always Find a Way” quite simple visually. We had an idea to do a sunset/sunrise shoot on the beach at low tide and managed to find a great location. Pete Wall, the director, really brought our vision to life and we can’t wait for people to see it” says Saintz.

With the release of this track, Saintz, have scratched my itch for new pop. So much so, I feel I better make a note in preparation for their subsequent releases. Saintz make tunes that warrant some serious listening time!

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