The singer-songwriter Nina Schofield has a question she needs to ask… “Who Is She?“. Before we begin to unravel the mystery and speak about Nina’s new track and the video which, gets its premiere with us today. I want to first fondly remember. That, it was this same line, “Who Is She?“, that became one of the most iconic moments in UK Reality Television history. And came about when Big Brother Series 7 contestant Nikki Grahame had the now infamous, monumental melt-down in the diary room.

Having listened to the music of Nina Schofield previously, I know it to be light and airy while being uplifting. This also applies when she explores the demise of a relationship. Being the theme covered on her latest release, “Who Is She?“. They’ll be no bitter ranting from Nina (mine and your ears are saved from that). I can confirm just eloquent lyricism and exquisite vocals are in store. Nevertheless, I still want to know what has gotten her so, incensed.

By way of speaking about the writing process of the track Nina, says…

“I began thinking about how I would react to losing trust in a relationship and all the ways I’d process that. Pretty, soon the lyrics and the melody began to form side by side. This isn’t a situation I’ve been through personally, but, I’ve seen my friends go through similar heartache. I couldn’t help but want to write about it and try and understand and process the emotion.”

The ruminating culminates in a punchy synth-pop number. An unforgivably catchy track. Similarly, the music video shows Nina out on a long walk to clear her head from the confusing thoughts, that have been swirling inside her mind. Is she dealing with a cheater? or is this a situation that has gotten blown out of proportion?… Nina is looking for answers.

Whatever she discovers, I know this track “Who Is She?” to be completely, engrossing.

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