Singer-songwriter Regulus Red has a provocative proposition for a Thursday morning. Releasing his fourth single, the alternative pop newcomer openly confesses “Wanna See you Naked.” But, before going any further, I feel it prudent to point out, the suggestive song title, while immediately appearing boldly direct and outspoken. Is written from an empowering view-point. The message carried in the lyrics of the track, encourage learning about how to love ourselves and love our bodies. Live by authenticity and develop, a sense of self. Indicating the chosen title of the track is not so extreme in its proposal as it implies at first, impression.

Explaining the meaning which lies at the heart of his latest single release, Regulus Red shared with us over email. “Wanna See You Naked” is a feline story of a predator dancing with its prey. I wrote it for those in need of encouragement to speak up about any secret desires, about their concealed fantasies, about their spicy kinks that had been hiding away out of fear.”

Since collaborating with the producer Future Humans, I’ve noticed more and more electronic elements are seeping into the music of Regulus Red. The pulsing beats are becoming faster, vibrant, harder hitting. None more so to date than with “Wanna See You Naked” where EDM and techno facets are extensively explored. Twitchy, throbbing electro, reminiscent of the sweaty, beats that are linked with underground club culture. Unabashed, ferocious and fiery, as colourful as Regulus Red himself. The style is in keeping with the track, as this is where the singer-songwriter makes his boldest, statement yet.

The powerful, expressive Emanuele Bonomi directed video picks up the baton. It show’s Regulus Red and friends, dancing, provocatively while, casting, inhibitions aside (Think Lady Gaga meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show vibes.) The clip also spotlights another of the multi-faceted performer’s interests – fashion.

I love the striking, visual aesthetic of Regulus Red. I am finding all of the music videos simply, mesmerising. His work is extremely, watchable. As far as I am concerned, one watch is never enough.

Connect with Regulus Red
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/regulus.red
Twitter: https://twitter.com/regulus_red
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/regulus.red/

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