Sometimes when I enjoy a song so much, I like to hear it explored in varying and different styles. Often I achieve this by filling my ears with the contents of a remix package. On other occasions, I hop directly onto an acoustic interpretation of the said track instead. I was thrilled to premiere “Through It All” by Phil Crown in April. It is both a groover and an electropop fusion. It is not surprising to me that the track has drawn so much attention since I first wrote about it.

Consequently, there are two exciting twists to Phil’s emerging artist story that I need to update EQ Blog readers about. With our American readers in mind, he recently won a competition to play at the “Life Is Beautiful” festival in Las Vegas in September. Having had great success with “Through It All,” Phil has recorded an acoustic rendition of the most well-received pop track he has ever released.

During a trip to Dubai, United Arabic Emirates the recording of an acoustic rendition took place. It is an honor to share this new version of this track with you today.

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Speaking about his latest interpretation of the track, Phil says…

“After people told me how much the lyrics meant to them. I was inspired to take the track to another place. Somewhere that would give the song lyrics more space and gravity. And from that “THROUGH IT ALL” acoustic was born.”

While the latest update on “Through It All” pares back on the instrumentation to that just of an acoustic guitar-driven style. This is where I notice Phil’s impressive vocals come into their own. With emotion-drenched vocals, he delivers an emotive performance. Albeit, this is a singular point of departure for this budding talent. Phil strikes a successful balance with this guitar-embellished take on electronic pop.

As a developing artist in a saturated music environment, Phil Crown sure is making his presence felt in the best way with an emotively tender pop release such as this.

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