If I were to inform you about all of, singer-songwriter Nina Schofield’s achievements in music. It would result in my typing up a substantially long article. Because when all is said and done, when you’re as talented as Nina. The accolades have a habit of accumulating thick and fast. Only last year, Nina’s track “The Gift,” resulted in a featured live performance, in the BBC Richard Gere drama “MotherFatherSon” which has since been broadcast globally. The singer’s first release of 2021 “Not Perfect Now” clocks up another career milestone for Nina. It is her first self-produced track.

We can be assured Nina will pull out all the stops when it comes to performance. And that she will be hitting all the right notes because she’s a qualified vocal coach. However, with her latest release, she is keen to recognise that she is “Not Perfect Now.” A reference to learning, kindness starts at home, with looking out for ourselves first and practising self-care.

She says: “I wrote “Not Perfect Now” after realising I had this internal battle going on between two different parts of myself. The part that pushes to always make things perfect, and says – ‘nothing is good enough’ (“Don’t give me your best, give me even more than that”). And the part that wants me to be my own best friend, and treat myself with kindness (“Take back the pressure you place on me and watch as I rise up in your release”). It is something I think a lot of us silently go through every day and is still an uphill battle for me.”

The thoughtful narrative is helmed by a breezy melody and alt-pop stylings. Had I not been made, aware, Nina divides her time up, between songwriting, singing and vocal coach activities. The clues appear in plain sight on “Not Perfect Now“, in her stunning vocal runs. The single is the best introduction to Nina Schofield illuminating the power of her songwriting and high-class vocal delivery. Take a look at the glittery visuals, premiering on EQ Music Blog, today (a head of the track’s full release tomorrow). Guaranteed to leave you feeling uplifted, bright and dazzling.

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