The year is coming to a close, and we are beginning to switch our focus to 2022. The time has come when many music outlets dedicate their schedules to highlighting “Ones to Watch”. This is not the stance of this blog. We highlight up-and-coming pop acts with our daily posts and emerging artists features all year long. If we did end-of-year “Ones to Watch” posts, specifically. Sofi Vonn, a London based electronic pop singer-songwriter, would be someone we would choose to spotlight.

My interest in Sofi Vonn is on the ascent. Her brand of deeply emotive electronic pop is starting to make heads turn. In the lead up to the release of the debut EP, she has put out three tracks to date. Three different tastes of Sofi Vonn. Soulful, indie stirrings for “Stranger“. “is it a crime?” a song driven with a rhythmic allure, and dance-pop effort “Next To Me“.

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One of these three tracks, “Next To Me” her most upbeat and latest, stood out to me immediately. This song evokes fuzzy feelings of euphoria with its electronic style. The lyrics describe the fluttery sensation of butterflies in the stomach we experience when we are close to someone we like very much. This track is heartwarming from the nanosecond it glides into the ear. To when the feel-good vibes fully ignite our senses.

It is my pleasure to introduce the premiere of the “Next To Me” music video with EQ Music Blog.

Here are a few words Sofi shares about the clip, she says…

“I wanted to make a more creative visual for this track. We shot it in the Hackney Marshes in London on this giant sundial. It was such a fun day, and I loved working with everyone involved. Directed and produced by Dwayne Thompson (Visuals by Dwayne), he made the storyline come to life. And of course, Taylor Danny-Dacosta Goodridge’s incredible dancing!”.

This video has me completely captivated. It is a very, tasty, visual morsel. No matter that it is low-budget. It does a great job expressing the chemistry expressed in the song lyrics. The fella seen in the clip seems to be feeling quite the shock here. Sofi’s energy is so astounding. There is enough electrical energy felt between these two connecting to light up the national grid methinks.

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