Uplifting pop music won’t be having a dry spell this summer, not if thisisNAMASTE has anything to with it. The Scottish singer-songwriter has a new track out, “I Like Your Face.” This is another addictive song to add to her growing repertoire of others, (which includes recent releases “Girl I Got You” and “I Can Do It“) and which are captivating from start to finish. She has proved many times she is also a pop artist who can be relied upon to bring out all the positive vibes. And like the ray of sunshine, she is, pours a load of warmth and light as endless as the sky on a summer’s day into this new track.

thisisNAMASTE a former backing vocalist for the likes of Rita Ora, Ella Eyre, Bebe Rexha and Martin Garrix, says of “I Like Your Face“…

“I wrote this song about the awkward stage at the very start of dating someone, where you overthink every text message, every phone call. What should I say, what shouldn’t I say, do they like me? etc. If we were all more, blunt and just said, I like your face, do you like mine? Then we’d cut out a lot of that awkward phase and get just to the point of knowing where we stand.”

And you know what, she is so right about that. What she has written the song about, is a magical time when we should be enjoying our butterflies in the stomach, feelings and having great fun. And, not allowing little niggles to mar our happiness, during the exciting getting to know one another phase.

This song is really cute in ways that I would (if I didn’t already know) question how thisisNAMASTE could possibly make it any cuter than it already is. She’s unleashed, a completely, adorable music video in support of the track. It is a sun-tinged performance video that wouldn’t look out of place on the New Gen’s favourite app VSCO. And we are giving you the first look at it (above).

From a song about analysing and trying to pick up on clues, there is no guesswork as far as thisisNAMASTE is concerned. We recognised a long time ago, she’s a pop artist who delivers great pop every time.

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