Up-and-coming pop artist J-Line landed on our radars last year when he dropped off a high energy track “I Wanna Dance“, serving as the first taste of recently released album “Episode 2.” The New York electro-pop artist is nothing but extremely active in his music, pursuits as today he returns with a brand new single “Feeling the yes” which doesn’t form part of the current long player effort.

The first instance we met J-Line, the impression he left us with was vibrant and buzzy. He unleashed a full dose of his artistic talents, spanning singer-songwriter and choreography strengths, on the euphorically uplifting single. As first impressions incite a sense of feeling about something or someone, it would be easy to assume our first encounter with J-Line gave us a good indication about his music styling and where his creative compass is set. It isn’t until we dive in on “Feeling the yes” we find out there is more than first meets the eye and ear. And that some considerable growth in musicality has since occurred.

It is true to say the narrative of the song observes quite a serious tone. Explores the idea of unending self-belief when the world is telling you no.

J-LINE says, “In my daily life, I hear “no” more than I would like to, but it never kills that fire inside me that constantly tells me “yes”. That yes pushes me forward and allows me to reach for what I want in life, even when I’ve been betrayed or dismissed.”

I think there is more than luck and hard work which help us on the course to where we want to be in life. Achieving goals and reaping success comes easier to some than others but if we keep on being the best version of ourselves, we can count this as a little victory at the end of, every day. However, some days will always be prone to a pesky demon of self-doubt momentarily infiltrating our thoughts. J-Line has chosen to bring all of the above to notice in the supporting music video to this song. We see him arrive back to his hotel room, clearly deep in contemplation. Closes the world out, by drawing the curtains. Is visited by two masked dancers, who represent his inner voice and taunt him by bringing his insecurities to the surface. In an act of resilience, he musters up the strength to face his feelings of self-doubt and begin to look at life in a positive light again.

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