London based singer-songwriter/beauty influencer CC Clarke is flying high in every sense of the word. And has not escaped our notice. Whether sharing tips as an acclaimed beauty blogger or crafting a new song. It is stats like those of her last three releases (topping a whopping 2 million streams) that speak for themselves. Her astute businesswoman mindset as a beauty influencer has taught her. Success comes by putting the work in. CC applies the same unwavering dedication and commitment to every new project she gets off the ground. Not only that she, exudes talent in abundance.

With a handful of releases to her name, CC’s incredible powerhouse vocals are seriously drawing attention. Her chosen path of soul-pop/dance crossover style of music is working wonders for her. As a result, has seen her twice land in the UK Top 40 Pop Charts. “Back To You” the latest infectious offering, is similarly gaining ground. To begin with, CC wrote the track as a declaration of love for her husband. When working away from home and looking forward to finding her way back to him. However, since the pandemic hit, the song took on a new meaning. That of getting back to everyone and everything that we miss.

When flanked with the dance beats of the Andreas Krüger and Twin Lee produced radio edit. Vocally, CC holds her own. The song exhibits a joyous, celebratory feeling. Paring back layers of production. Simply left with soothing piano accompaniment. Not only allows her vocal to shine brighter. It also introduces vulnerability and more emotive expression into the equation.

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CC’s vocal performance is off the scale in this new acoustic rendition of the track. Listening to it raised a few goosebumps. In the newly released live footage (which premier’s here on EQ). When watching the clip for the first time. I detected something quite Whitney Houston in the soulful raspiness of CC’s voice. The striking resemblance hit me straight between the ears. The presence I felt was so gripping. It was at times, as Whitney had entered the room.

“I have missed performing live so much,” she says. “So, when this opportunity came up, I instantly said yes. The venue is a beautiful multi-use event space and restaurant in Marylebone called Chameleon. It was the first time I performed an acoustic version of the song. I love how a song can transform and take on a whole new style when slowed down and stripped back!”

With show-stopping vocals like this, the question is. When not how, will CC Clarke next break the internet because of her multi-disciplinary strengths? The forefront of pop beckons. Follow CC’s journey to the top via the links below.

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