Yones 1

A childhood obsession with music has since transformed the life path of Moroccan born singer and producer Yones. Becoming utterly fascinated by the media form from a young age, the boy child Yones once re-located to Orlando USA, took to absorbing and feeding his passion for music by immersing himself first into club promotion, then onwards into production and launching his own record label. Sparred on by the abundance of creative influences he found himself surrounded by in the trendy pop metropolis, he has since gone on to realise his full creative potential by releasing is own solo material.

Yones’s initial releases have factored in the strong influence that his multi-cultural heritage brings and in doing so, amasses a broadly appealing exuberant dance pop presentation when unleashed to the good time, club savvy party goers.

With that all said, we light up the touch paper on the premiere of Yones new incendiary dance floor throbbing single “On The Rise”.

Created with every ounce of the feel good factor on its side and like Flo Rida gone hyper hyper, Yones rigs “On The Rise” with all the rave bouncing high octane acid elixir that buzzes out of European Basshunter perky happycore.

Available through Beatport and itunes